Counting down to Bermuda's 2022 Youth Climate Summit!


Registration for the 2021 Bermuda Youth Climate Summit is now CLOSED.
The Youth Climate Summit is pleased to welcome students from the following schools.

  • Berkeley Institute
  • Cedarbridge Academy
  • Dellwood Middle School
  • Warwick Academy
  • Bermuda College
  • Chatmore British International School
  • Saltus Grammar School
  • Whitney Institute
  • Bermuda High School (BHS)
  • Sand's Secondary
  • Bermuda Homeschool Network
  • Clearwater Middle School
  • Somersfield Academy
  • Numerous Overseas Colleges and Universities

When asked why they wanted to be a part of the Youth Climate Summit, ‘Change’ was the word most frequently found in student responses. It is important to highlight the willingness to create change, as it is so easy for us to become comfortable with the status quo. Being creatures of habit humans often shy away from change because it represents the unknown, which can be difficult to deal with. However, well-placed thoughtful change is exactly what is needed in these times. This is why we at the Youth Climate Summit are so honoured to have such an inspiring group of students to choose from. To our participants, we are excitedly anticipating meeting you all.

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Youth Climate Summit

Youth Climate Summit