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Youth Climate Advisory Board (YCAB) Update

It is full steam ahead for the YCS participants! On February 26th the Youth Climate Advisory Board (YCAB) pitched their action projects a wider YCS participants in the Tradewinds Auditorium at BUEI.   The Conservation track proposed “Marine Protection and Outreach”, a project that tackles mangroves and sea grass conservation,...
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BUEI Appoints Youth Climate Initiative Consulting Director

Youth Climate Initiative Consulting Director - Dr. Rosemarie McMahon   The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) is excited to announce the appointment of Dr. Rosemarie McMahon as the Consulting Director to the Youth Climate initiative, a fundamental component of Bermuda’s first Youth Climate Summit held in November 2021.   The...
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Growing Seagrass

Using Fishponds to Grow Seagrass In the lead up the Youth Climate Summit my blog posts explored the connection between cultural and environmental conservation. Now that the summit has ended, it’s time to move towards discussing how we can connect the two in practice rather than in theory.   As...
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YCS and Eco-Schools

The Connection between YCS and Eco-Schools: Middle Schools The Youth Climate Summit gives local students the opportunity to be a part of climate action in Bermuda outside of school, whilst Eco-Schools Bermuda helps students form eco-clubs to make sustainable change within their schools.   During the weeklong Youth Climate Summit...
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Shipwrecks (Conservation)

Shipwrecks: Historical Sites and Marine Reserves To continue our dive into the connection between cultural and environmental conservation, this blog will focus on sites that bring it into sharp focus. Shipwrecks.   The shipwrecks you find around Bermuda are not just part of our island’s history, their integration with our...
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Local Support (Sustainability)

Local Support: It Takes a Village We thank Centennial Foundation and Sirius Point for generously donating to the Eco-Schools Bermuda programme this year. These donations make possible the work we do to support local schools as they take the steps towards sustainable action.   The Eco-Schools Programme also has community...
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Eco-Schools Bermuda: Francis Patton Primary School (Sustainability)

Eco-Schools Bermuda: Francis Patton Primary School’s Focus on Sustainability Francis Patton Primary School first joined the Eco-Schools Bermuda Programme for the academic year 2020-21. Since their school’s property is right on the coast, the students chose to focus on the Marine and Coast pathway. While it was a difficult year...
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Bermuda’s Fishponds (Conservation)

Bermuda’s Fishponds: Conserving a cultural emblem of sustainable fishing As introduced in my previous blog post, this series will explore the connection between environmental conservation and cultural conservation. Our first foray delves into a sustainable tradition that used to characterize Bermuda’s landscape.   The islands of Bermuda were once dotted...
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