Counting down to Bermuda's 2024 Youth Climate Summit!

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Activists discuss climate justice during conference
Royal Gazette, November 19
Third Annual BUEI Youth Climate Summit
BerNews, November 18
Activist: pick up one piece of trash a day
Royal Gazette, November 15
J Marshall Shepherd speaks at Youth Climate Summit
Royal Gazette, November 14
Mikaela Loach to speak at third annual Youth Climate Summit
Royal Gazette, October 21
Youth Engagement and the Power of Collaborative Partnerships
Royal Gazette, October 17
US Academic Aims to Expose Youth to Wonders of Science
Royal Gazette, October 17
Young Environmentalist to Represent Island on World Stage
Royal Gazette, October 13
US Professor to Give Presentation at BUEI
Royal Gazette, October 13
BUEI Set To Host Annual Youth Climate Summit
BerNews, October 4
BUEI Set to Host Third Youth Climate Summit
Royal Gazette, October 4
The Power of Collaborative Climate Conversations
Royal Gazette, June 21
Nurturing Bermuda’s Green Leaders
Royal Gazette, June 5


Ten Young People Recognised As Climate Ambassadors
Royal Gazette, December 13
‘Change starts and ends with you’, Activist Tells Climate Conference Audience
Fair Planet, November 25
‘Change starts and ends with you’, Activist Tells Climate Conference Audience
Royal Gazette, November 25
'People Don’t Really Care About Islands – We Have To Care About Ourselves’ – Climate Activist
Royal Gazette, November 21
We Need Young Black Men to be Interested in Environment: BUEI
Royal Gazette, November 9
HSBC Partners with BUEI to Host Second Youth Climate Summit
The Bermudian, November 4
Youth Climate Summit Set For November
Bernews, September 21
BUEI to Host Second Youth Climate Summit
Royal Gazette, September 14
Youth Climate Summit From November 21 To 26
Bernews, September 12
Glass Half-Full For Youth Conservation Champions
Royal Gazette, May 9
Essential Real-Life Experiences
Royal Gazette, May 18
Young Climate Activists Plant Trees on Trunk Island
Royal Gazette, May 9
Students Learn About Island’s Electric Buses
Royal Gazette, April 25
Tackling Conservation, Sustainability and Climate Justice
Royal Gazette, March 31


YCS YouTube Channel
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Ocean Heroes Recognition
Royal Gazette, December 7

Environmental Ocean Hero Awards
Bernews, December 6

Enthusiasm Among Young To Get Active On Climate Change
Royal Gazette, December 6

Climate Impact and Mitigation
Royal Gazette, November 26

Climate Impacts
Royal Gazette, November 24

Bermuda's Climate Footprint
Royal Gazette, November 23

Summit Live Day 1
Royal Gazette, November 22

Climate Summit Hope Focus
Royal Gazette, November 22

Kyle Gracey Broadcast Interview
Bermuda Tonight, November 10

Representation Matters
Royal Gazette, October 28

BUEI CEO Interview
Bermuda College Radio, October 10

The Youth Perspective
Royal Gazette, October 7

Summit NGO Participation
Royal Gazette, September 28

Summit Partners
Royal Gazette, September 17

Launch of Bermuda's Inaugural Youth Climate Summit
Royal Gazette, September 15

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Youth Climate Summit

Youth Climate Summit