Counting down to Bermuda's 2024 Youth Climate Summit!

2022 Summit NGOs

The Youth Climate Summit would not be possible without the groundwork laid by Bermuda’s most influential environmental NGOs. From research, to education, to community projects, each NGO has played a crucial part in the care and conservation of Bermuda’s flora and fauna.

Their tireless efforts have led to a plethora of successful eco-initiatives, as well as a strengthening of the local community. They have been an inspiring force on the island, and we are truly honoured to have them together for this ground-breaking event.


The Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Programme is a partnership between the Government of Bermuda, the Waitt Institute, and the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS). The goal of Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Programme is to foster the sustainable, profitable, and enjoyable use of ocean resources for present and future generations.

Greenrock is a registered charity (#704) working to empower individuals and companies to do their part in making Bermuda socially, economically and environmentally more sustainable. Through their programs, events and public advocacy, Greenrock is committed to inspiring environmental action, improving education, and raising awareness about the steps we can all take to live and work more sustainability each and every day.


BIOS is an independent US non-profit scientific research and educational organization based in Bermuda. For over 100 years BIOS-based researchers and visiting scientists have worked to explore the ocean and address important local and global environmental issues.

The shared mission of Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo and the Bermuda Zoological Society is to inspire appreciation and care of island environments. We fulfill our mission through our animal habitat exhibits, which focus on species from oceanic islands, as well as related environmental education, conservation projects and research programmes.

Since launching in 2001, Waterstart has developed, and continues to expand upon, a collection of highly successful outdoor education programs. Programs typically involve training in snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, conservation and marine science. These programs allow students to embrace new experiences and gain skills through experiential learning.

Keep Bermuda Beautiful (KBB) has decades of experience in leading community action through an extensive network of partners and volunteers. It was formed in 1964 as Registered Charity #26 and is one of the oldest environmental nonprofits on the Island. Their mission is “To engage individuals to take greater responsibility in reducing waste and eliminating litter through action and education.”

The Bermuda Audubon Society is a membership society run by an executive committee of volunteers. A non-profit registered charity (No. 99), we have no premises or paid staff and rely on voluntary assistance from our members and the corporate community. Their mission is “To conserve Bermuda’s special bird life and habitats for the benefit of all.”

Beyond Plastic Bermuda (BPB), is a new organisation created by a collaboration of Bermuda’s environmental non-profit groups including BEST, KBB, Greenrock and several concerned individuals. BPB is committed to supporting Government’s intended ban on single-use plastics (SUPs) and to act as agents of change in the community through the provision of information surrounding the use of SUPs and the danger they pose to both the environment and our health. This is coupled with researching safe options to assist in the transition from SUPs to environmentally sustainable alternatives.

BNT is a membership-based registered charity estabilished in 1970 to protect Bermuda’s natural and architectural heritage and to encourage awareness and appreciation for Bermuda’s incredible shared history. BNT cares for 82 properties covering 277 acres- museums, unique and culturally significant artefacts, historic buildings, nature reserves, islands, gardens, cemeteries, farmland and coastline.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Bermuda is a fun-filled and flexible programme for young people between the ages of 14 to 25. The programme fosters personal growth and delivers on teaching motivation, commitment, leadership, team-work, self-discovery, and achievement of one’s full potential through participation in challenging and non-competitive activities of community service, personal skills, physical recreation and adventurous journeys.

The world-renowned Nonsuch Island Nature Reserve is 60+ years into a very successful re-wilding project, restoring its flora and fauna to a pre-colonization state.

It is home to several critically endangered and Lazarus species. It is the base of the Bermuda Petrel Translocation Project where the iconic “Cahow” is being brought back after 300+ years of having been thought extinct.

As a signature example of the Nonsuch Expeditions’ mission to develop and leverage technology to solve Conservation challenges, The CahowCam project in conjunction with the Bermuda Government Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources is broadcasting LIVE from the underground Cahow nesting burrows, now for the 10th season!

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Youth Climate Summit

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