Counting down to Bermuda's 2024 Youth Climate Summit!

About The Summit

Welcome to the Bermuda Youth Climate Summit (YCS), a transformative weeklong event uniting over 150 students aged 13-22 from schools across Bermuda. Together, we lay the groundwork for a year of youth-led activities focused on local climate mitigation in Conservation, Sustainability, and Climate Justice. 
YCS engages young people on global climate issues, empowering them to become agents of change in their communities. With a commitment to inclusivity, 70% of our participants represent public schools, thanks to the Ministry of Education's valuable support. 
The Summit spans six days, from November 10th to November 18th. The first five days (3 virtual/2 onsite) are dedicated to education and engagement and held during school hours. On the final day, all participants, including alumni, join for a collective conservation activity. 
Heading into our third annual summit on November 10, 2023, YCS has is proud to have received the Bermuda National Trust 'Michael Darling Shield Award' and a 'Best of Bermuda Award 2023' for Environmental Education.  
Join us at the Bermuda Youth Climate Summit to address environmental challenges, learn from global experts, and create actionable plans for a sustainable future.  
Together, we can make a meaningful impact on our environment, locally and globally! 

“You matter, what you do matters, and collectively – it makes a difference”

– Karla Lacey, BUEI CEO


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Youth Climate Summit

Youth Climate Summit