Counting down to Bermuda's first Youth Climate Summit!


What is this, exactly?

The Youth Climate Summit is a week-long event from November 22nd – 27th. This Summit will be the first of its kind in Bermuda and will educate and empower our young people in matters of sustainability, conservation, and climate justice.

You, hopefully! The Summit is open to students between the ages of 13-22 who care about the world we live in and want to do something about it! Whether you’re looking to get involved in environmental causes for the first time, or you’re already active in and passionate about the subject, this event will give you the tools and connections to make a big impact.


We’ve also partnered with both local and international subject matter experts, leaders, and youth activists who are passionate about what they do and are excited to share their knowledge and journey in environmental causes.


If you are an environmentalist or climate justice activist and would like to get involved, please click here for more information.

Although the Summit is geared towards the students between secondary school and university, educators are also invited to participate in the first five days and parents/ guardians are welcomed and encourage to join students during the four virtual days of the Summit.

Participating in the Summit is free! Spaces are limited however, so please make sure you register. Registration opens October 1st.

Reading about the current state of our world and environment can be overwhelming, sometimes scary. However, the news is not all bad and change is possible! This Summit will not just give you the facts, but help you discover what you can do to directly impact the world for the better.

Yes! Every single person’s contribution matters. Every reusable bag and metal straw. Every light turned off in an empty room and faucet turned off in between washing dishes or brushing teeth.  Even your choice of transportation and decision to be an informed voter!


There is also strength in numbers, and this Summit will connect you with other passionate people in our local and international communities to share ideas, best practices, and support to create meaningful, lasting change.

At the beginning of the week, you will learn the science and terms used so that everyone has the same foundation to build on. With input and support from the experts, you and your peers will then create and action a year-long project of your own, collaborating with local environmental organization partners to make the greatest impact.

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Youth Climate Summit

Youth Climate Summit