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Bodhi Patil

Climate Solutionist


Bodhi Patil, a 20-year-old ocean climate solutionist passionate about the interconnection between Ocean Health and Human Health, is specially recognized by the United Nations and UN Global Compact as an esteemed ocean activist and intergenerational collaboration leader.


As the founder of Inner Light and co-creator of @oceanuprise, Bodhi believes in the power that young people have to create impact at scale. A a second-year student in the BA + Masters of Management program at the University of British Columbia studying oceans, environmental action, and business, Bodhi co-founded Sea Dragon Studios (SDS), a creative arts and digital media platform supporting youth-led, ocean-climate action and launched One World Breath.


He is a Youth Advisor for OnDeck Fisheries AI, World Ocean Day, and Break Free from Plastic Pollution co-building sustainable systems . As an avid surfer, diver, kelp-lover, marine science nerd, ocean-climate solutionist, and hopeful realist, he loves mother nature deeply.


Bodhi shares his work here.


Phone: (441) 292-7219


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Youth Climate Summit

Youth Climate Summit