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Noelle Young

Programme Associate


Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Programme


Noelle Young, a YOUNGA Youth Delegate, currently holds pivotal roles as a Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Programme Associate and an Aquaculture and Fisheries Consultant with Bermuda Asset Management. Her expertise lies in aquaculture and fisheries, specifically focused on nurturing the early-life stages of fish, crustaceans, and mollusks. She excels in innovative recirculating aquaculture systems, cleverly incorporating low-head technologies like mixed bed bioreactors, diffused aeration basins, and low head oxygenation—all within a compact, modern, and highly efficient framework.


Noelle’s journey to these roles was marked by significant experiences. She interned at the Bermuda Department of Environment and Natural Resources, gaining insights into critical environmental initiatives. Her global perspective expanded during her time at the Oceans Research Institute of South Africa, where she contributed to groundbreaking marine research. She also brought her expertise to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, actively supporting aquatic resource stewardship.


Her time at Marine Harvest further enriched her understanding of responsible aquaculture practices. Now, as a YOUNGA Youth Delegate, Noelle is dedicated to engaging in policy discussions, collaborating with change-makers, and shaping innovative solutions for a more inclusive and sustainable future.


Connect with Noelle via her website or on LinkedIn.


Phone: (441) 292-7219


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