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Dr. Jeffrey Steynor

Research and Development, Marine Energy, and Engineering


Dr. Jeffrey Steynor is Principal Engineer in BELCO’s Project Management Office. He is currently supporting the drafting of the next iteration of the island’s Integrated Resource Plan and supporting the company with its initiatives to integrate renewable energy generation technology into the current energy mix with a goal of achieving Net Zero by 2050.


Dr. Steynor has a PhD in ocean energy and over two decades of experience in renewable energy, project management, construction, and manufacturing.


While holding the position of Senior Experimental Officer & Project Manager at The University of Edinburgh, Dr. Steynor was responsible for FASTBLADE, the world’s first regenerative test facility for ocean energy devices.


Dr. Steynor fell in love with the Bermuda ecosystem in 1997, when comparing Bermuda’s coral reefs with California’s kelp forest as part of the JASON Project. This fueled his passion for a green and sustainable future. So, in 2004, he left Bermuda with the goal to further educate himself and bring renewable energy back home to Bermuda. He is excited to finally make this goal a reality!


Phone: (441) 292-7219


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Youth Climate Summit