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Eco-Schools Bermuda (Sustainability)

Eco-Schools Bermuda, Globally Connected

BUEI has the honor of being the National Operator for the he Eco-Schools Bermuda Programme.  Operated by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), the world’s largest environmental education organization, the Eco-Schools programme is recognized by the United Nations as a model initiative for sustainable development education.
FEE runs five programmes that empower people to take meaningful action towards creating a more sustainable world. These programmes include Green Key in the hospitality industry, Blue Flag for coastal tourism operators, Young Reporters for the Environment to give our environment a voice, Learning about Forests which uses nature as a classroom, and of course Eco-Schools. Eco-Schools is all about “educating the youth of today to protect the planet of tomorrow”. The programme is currently working in 56,000 schools in 70 countries, with the aim to produce generations of sustainably minded and environmentally conscious people.
Here in Bermuda, the Eco-schools programme was first introduced to Bermuda by in 2013 by Greenrock.  After 6 years of building the programme in Bermuda, Greenrock transferred the responsibility for managing and expanding Eco-Schools Bermuda to BUEI in 2019. After a short transition position, the programme was restarted for the 2020-21 academic year with seven local schools taking part and working towards six of our 10 sustainability pathways. We’ll highlighting these schools in following blog posts, as well as a few examples and initiatives from schools in the Eco-Schools global network.

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