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Andreas Ratteray

Environmental Scientist & Research Intern
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS)

Andreas Ratteray is an environmental scientist born and raised in Bermuda. At 18, Ratteray emigrated to California, USA where he pursued undergraduate and graduate studies in environmental science with an emphasis on marine conservation. After graduating, Ratteray taught science, history and leadership to California youth in a partnership with the US National Park Service. At the core of his teaching, Ratteray hopes to inspire youth to ask critical questions about their communities and envision what role they might play in determining the future trajectories of their communities. Taking his own teaching to heart, Ratteray recently returned to Bermuda to study the environment which first inspired him to become a scientist.

Andreas currently leads the Seagrass Biodiversity Assessment, an investigation which evaluates fish populations in Bermuda’s endangered seagrass habitats using DNA-based survey techniques. In his free time, Ratteray enjoys skateboarding and watching anime.

Phone: (441) 292-7219


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Youth Climate Summit

Youth Climate Summit